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Depictions of Hagar
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‘We say that a woman has forty souls’, said Gulzira with a smile, a young Kazakh shopkeeper at a big... Read more →

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Vol 8, No 1 | March 2021 – Whole Issue

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Vol 8, No 1 | March 2021 – Does God have Feelings and Emotion?

Vol 8, No 1 | March 2021 – Grief ’s River Song

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Depictions of Hagar

There are a number of pictures of Hagar in western art. Some portray Sarah offering Hagar, her slave, to Abraham to get her pregnant, so she can have a child…

1920 1280 When Women Speak

RAHAB: Who are you?

"I have 3 different Instagram accounts," said Ika, a young entrepreneur who…

640 800 When Women Speak

How should I respond (not react)?

I was new in this large Middle Eastern city, about to embark…

600 300 When Women Speak


Everyone says, ‘I will pray about that’, or asks ‘please pray about…

1200 800 When Women Speak

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