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In the Land of Blue Burqas

Title: In the Land of Blue Burqas Author: Kate McCord Publisher: Moody Publishers, 2010 Reviewer: C. Hine Kate McCord, a ‘protective pseudonym’, spent five years working in Afghanistan. In this…

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1000 1542 When Women Speak

Joyful Witness in the Muslim World

Title: Joyful Witness in the Muslim World: Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Encounters Author: Evelyne A. Reisacher Publisher: Baker Academic, 2016 Reviewed by: Anny Cahill “How can a missiologist like…

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“Abiding Mission”, Discipling Muslims

Title: Abiding Mission: Missionary Spirituality and Disciple-Making Among the Muslim Peoples of Egypt and Northern Sudan Author: Dick Brogden Publisher: Wipf and Stock, 2016 Dick Brogden has extensive ministry and…

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Searching for Heaven in the Real World

Book: Searching for Heaven in the Real World Author: Kathryn Ann Kraft Publisher: Regnum Books, 2012 Reviewer: CH Kathryn Ann Kraft’s book Searching for Heaven in the Real World is a…

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Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures

Title:               Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures: Biblical Foundations and Practical Essentials Author:           Jayson Georges and Mark D Baker Publisher:      IVP Academic, 2016 Review by:     C.…

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Identity Crisis: women believers from Muslim backgrounds

Title:   Identity Crisis: Standing Between Two Identities of Women Believers from Muslim Backgrounds in Jordan Author:           Sarah Yoon Publisher, year:        Wipf & Stock, 2015 Reviewed by:            M.B.  …

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1200 1800 When Women Speak

Shifting Allegiances

Title        Shifting Allegiances – Networks of Kinship and of Faith Author  Moyra Dale Publisher              WIPF and STOCK, 2016 Reviewed by       Margaret P Oppressed, housebound and unaware are widely held…

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1200 1800 When Women Speak

Scars Across Humanity

  Title of Book: Scars Across Humanity, Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women Author: Elaine Storkey Publisher/Year: SPCK, 2015 Review by: Cathy Ross   This book is a must-read for…

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1200 1920 When Women Speak

Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here

Title of Book Being Reviewed:      Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here By Author:                                          Karima Bennoune Publisher, Year:                                W.W. Norton and Company, 2013 Review by:                                         C. Hine Karima Bennoune records the…

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Thinking biblically about Islam

Title of Book Being Reviewed: Thinking Biblically about Islam: Genesis, Transfiguration, Transformation By: Ida Glaser and Hannah Kay Publisher, Year: Langham, 2016 Reviewed by: Georgina L. Jardim This book is…

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