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Love is the best option

Christians and Muslims in America have an image problem. The rest of the world sees us as intolerant, belligerent, prideful, nationalistic, and extremist. As the daughter of Christian and Muslim…

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Religious Texts and Domestic Violence

Black and white bible, black and blue wife: my story of finding hope after domestic abuse - the book I’ve been reading has a confronting title! Even more confronting is…

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Discipling those who pay a great price for faith: Esther John 1929 – 1960

Do we have an adequate theology of suffering? I have been asked many times how I can engage women who live under Islam with the gospel when it so often…

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Envy and Blessing

Walking along the road in a Middle Eastern rural town, I passed a woman sitting on the pavement, selling greens from her basket, her baby on her lap. I smiled…

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Fear of the Evil Eye

The smell in the house was quite acrid. I had gone to visit the family of one of my friends and colleagues from the prestigious educational institution where I was…

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There were oddments left among the wet clothes jettisoned by refugees arriving by boat across the narrow strait from Turkey to the Greek islands: a tiny torch, a few coins,…

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Broken promises: forgetting women’s contribution

The Angel and the Man work for Unity Satan and the Women for Division. (Algerian Proverb) When the Algerian war for independence broke out in 1954, women joined the ranks…

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Women, refugees and ancient writings

Meetings The young woman and her husband greet us warmly and seat us on the floor mattresses that are almost the only furniture they have in this small cold apartment…

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The story is repeated far too often. A young girl, an unplanned pregnancy, family honour, men’s honour … shame … disappearances … suicides … deaths … honour killings. Consequences. Rarely…

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Women’s voices

Women’s voices have often been controversial. On the one hand, they are powerful. On the other hand, they are often silenced. Perhaps the two are related. In the Bible, we…

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