A Journey

A Journey

At first, my mind was closed.
I was afraid and asked,
Why did he give me birth?
My heart was like a bomb blast.

Day by day as I read,
he cleans me:
It’s like John the Baptist,
washing the people.

I see his miracles in my life:
He listens and answers me,
He cares and wants to help.

When your prayers come true,
he gives you happiness
and makes you comfortable.

Now I am free …
even though I have lots of problems.
My mind is opened step by step
by the Holy Spirit.

When he gives his Holy Spirit
in your mind,
you can change.

I’m honoured:
He accepts, and respects,
and chose me.
I’m thankful.

When your cousin said,
‘Hello sister’,
it touched my heart.

Lots of people love you,
when you belong to his family.
It’s such an honour!
It’s so amazing.

It’s a big challenge
to have my family
in darkness…
With his power,
Anything is possible.

He helps me.
He shows me
the way.

He knows:
I tell him everything.
He wants to help me,
and gives me shine in my heart.
I’m so special.

When you walk in the shining
and don’t walk in the bad way,
he shows you the way.

When you see his goodness
and his love
and show this to other people,
he changes lots of lives
of other people.

His right way…
has joy
and peace
and miracles.

(c) When Women Speak… February 2023

‘Special’ lives in Asia. Formerly, she worked in developing the skills of others. Now she looks after her home and encourages her children in their learning. She wants to give them good knowledge of everything. She writes, My name is ’Special’ because I’m special to him and he gives me support.

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