Is Questioning God a sin?

Is Questioning God a sin?

When the tsunami hit Anyer Beach in Jakarta on the 24 of December 2018, a famous band was performing nearby. Soon after the first song, the tsunami came and wiped away the stage. Only the vocalist survived, and he even lost his wife. That vocalist described himself on his Instagram page as a proud Muslim and I was curious to see how he responded to his loss and suffering. His post is full of his expression of sadness and loss, but not even in one sentence did he dare to ask God “why.” Many of his fans commented on the picture of his wife and said that a good Muslim will never complain to God. It is a sin even to ask “why.” A good Muslim needs to submit to God and accept everything without question. Everything that happens in a person’s life is “takdir”— destiny. Everything has been ordained by God and human beings just need to live a life that is predestined for them without any questions.

A famous singer, Denada, found out that her 6-year-old daughter had leukemia. Full of sadness she said on television that she told herself not to ask God “why.” She said, “It is a sin to question God. I tried hard not to even ask ‘why?’”

This understanding of God is common in Indonesia. Some Muslim preachers even say that if you make a heavy sound such as “ugh” or “agh” in your prayer, Allah will not hear you at all and he will cancel all your requests to him. According to some Islamic popular teachings in Indonesia, there are 7 azab (punishments) for those who complain to God:

  • He will die in a terrible way
  • He will go bankrupt
  • His face will turn black on the Day of Judgment
  • His skin will burn
  • He and his family will be humiliated
  • He will get the lowest place in hell
  • He will be bombarded with stones from the sky

(This is an extract from an article in the Webzine, Suffering, published on this website. Read the article here.)

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