Sitting with God and his questions

Sitting with God and his questions

Where are you?
I am here Lord,
speak to me.
I get lost sometimes in my busyness,
with my life,
So I don’t come to you.
Please, look for me
and keep asking me this question.
Do not let me get lost
and go far away from you,
because I can….

Where have you come from?
remind me often
where I have come from
so I won’t get lost
in my pride,
in my ministry,
in my thoughts…
You have right
to remind me of my sins
but you choose not to, Lord.
Why not Lord?
My brain,
my thoughts,
cannot grasp your ways.
Help me to remember
I have come from
so I won’t get lost in my daily life.
– Where are you going?
I don’t know, Lord.
I think I know where,
I have plans,
But then I am lost again.
How can I go with you, Lord?
If you remain in Me
and I in you
you will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing…(John 15)
Abide in Me….

Why did Sarah laugh and say will I really have a baby now that I am old?
Lord, I am getting old,
I would like to do many things
but I feel I have no strength,
no energy…
I don’t want to be old…

What is the matter (Hagar)?
Help me to realize
that I am lost,
help me to cry out to you
so you can find me
again and again.
I realize
that I am not strong enough
to hold on to You all the time.

Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? Why are you not afraid of Me?
I am sorry Lord,
that I lose sight of You,
I forget who You are,
I abuse your grace.

Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this? That is not a question,
I know that you chose me
and gave me this royal position,
to be Your child.
I just forget who I am
get lost with my life.
Help me to remember
every day
that you have plans for me.

Who are you?
I was sinner,
simple women…
Now I am mom,
but still don’t know how to be the one….
Help me to understand who I am…

Who touched Me?
I did, Lord.
Please heal me
my God,
help me
because no one can.
I feel strength
only when I touch you,
Don’t turn away from me,
don’t let me go….
I have been left,
in pain…
only you can help me Lord.

Will you give me a drink?
how can you ask me?
I have nothing worthy to give you.
You have the living water.
What can I give you?
If you give water to my children
you did it to Me….

Who is it you are looking for?What is that you are looking for? The problem is you have a picture in your mind who (what) you are looking for. But do you see Me?
….. You are right Lord.
You know me better.

Women, why are you crying?
Please forgive me Lord.
I miss you all the time.
I feel I am failing you all the time.

What are you discussing together?

(c) When Women Speak… March 2020

Inoyat is an MBB living in Central Asia who accepted God’s grace while studying in university. A wife and mother of two young boys whose desire is to remain in the Vine in order to be a light to her family and community.

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