The woman in Islam.

The woman in Islam.

“Being a woman is a punishment by itself. There is no joy. There is no security. I don’t know why God found me an unnecessary person. I don’t know what I’ve done to be punished in a such way. The dogs have a better life; they can leave if they want”.

Who is she? She is the one has no voice. She must obey someone always. She has no life as she dedicated to by others. She can be used and thrown away. She has no identity, no personality. Her failure is a shame for her family, but her achievements belong to her family (husband, father). She is alone. She is alone even when she gets married and has children. She stays alone with all her fears. Therefore, a woman in Islam is slowly but rapidly sinking. And even seeing other women next to them who also go with her to the bottom, who are already knee-deep in the water, up to their throats, or someone just stepping on the water, at arm’s length, they can’t help each other. But what are they doing? They encourage each other to go further to the bottom. It’s very scary. Why can’t they support each other? Because there are norms that must be adhered to, there are traditions, there is Islam. But in Islam there is no God. And what can she do? Nothing. It remains for her to die slowly. But what does this death bring again? It brings nothing but death itself. Nothing but disappointment and hopelessness.

God created women as a toys for men. And at the same time there is a word LOVE which contradicts God, women and love itself. What is LOVE if the creator made us women, as an instrument for pleasure? Who is God when he is so quick to punish us women, for nothing? Who is the woman? Where is her place? So many questions are followed with anger, frustration, pain and disbelief. Even in the heaven women will be satisfying the men. So than, what is Allah’s love for us? It is like a candy to lure a person into the nets. It is sweet but when it ends the taste also disappears. Only an illusion remains. It is scary for women to walk in such love as it is like a fog. You don’t see where you go. One lady says that: “the sin is to be born a woman.”

There are lots of songs about love. But who knows what it is when there is no source of it? Love is just a collection of pleasant words and sayings.

(This is an extract from an article in the Webzine, God and Women in Islam, published on this website. Read the article here.)

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