When Women Speak, a poem for two voices

When Women Speak, a poem for two voices

When women speak ….                           When women speak …

Who’s listening? Who hears?

What do you hear?

Do you really hear?

Do you really hear?


Do you know who God fashioned me to be?

In His likeness and image….

His likeness and image?


A reflection of His glory.

A reflection of His glory?


Do you think I am oppressed?

because of how I’m dressed?

Hmmm….I wonder if….

That’s always true?

That’s not always true.


She’s not a second-class person

I’m not a second-class person


Who’s there….

…providing patronage…

Looking past my age (whatever it may be)

…. .Seeing past my rage

And pain… .


To open doors for me?            To open doors for me?


When women speak …

when I speak…. .


Who’s listening?                        Who’s listening


What do you hear?

What DO you hear?


Opening my mind to creativity and

And seeking that it’s truly……

Me?                                               Me?


Just because I’m on the margins,

Doesn’t mean you can

marginalise me.

Not in God’s economy

Where I am clothed with power


and dignity

And dignity?


Where honour replaces shame

Where He knows my name


You see, I no longer take the blame

it’s no longer the game ….to be played


With my identity                       With my identity.


I may be own the margins

….at times

But there’s a party going on here

to which you’re invited.

If you’ll come.                     If you’ll come.


He wants my voice…. .

he’s saying that?

He’s asked what I think

What I think?

He’s asked what I need?

What I need?

….and even what I want.

…and even what I want?


So …. . what do you hear

…. .when women speak?


Are you listening?

…… .and learning?

With care?


With interest?                            With interest?


With no judgement?

With grace … .abundant?


Come to the table                                Come to the table

With us…                                     With us….


And enjoy the party.                  And enjoy the party.


Featured image credit: https://www.wnd.com/2017/04/feds-fund-how-to-be-a-good-muslim-lessons-for-u-s-schoolkids/

(c) When Women Speak … February 2019

D I Campbell, in following her curiosity and God’s leading, began a second career in 2002, focused on cross-cultural and cross-faith education where the church, Islam, society, gender and sometimes poverty meet amidst the swirl of changing mores and challenging identities. Hosting spaces that allow for voices from the margins to be heard, valued, and considered while inviting learning, dialogue and possibilities is among her profound joys.  Getting to navigate among academic, specialist, and clergy circles to grassroots gatherings help keep things very interesting and authentic for her. 

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