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Book Review Guidelines

Length: 750-1,000 Words


Review Head: This heading must appear at the top of your review in the format below.

Title of Book(s) Being Reviewed: The Aeneid
by Author, translated by Translator [if applicable]: by Vergil, translated by Sarah Ruden
Publisher, Year:  Yale University Press, 2009
Reviewed by Your Name: reviewed by J. Kates



Email your review to as an attached Word document (.doc)

Please do not send the text of the review in the body of your email, as this can cause problems with formatting.



Before beginning the review, think about the reader:

  • What should the reader of the review know?
  • What does s/he need to be told?

Reviewers should also think about the purpose of the review:
e.g., to introduce a new author, genre or form, to discuss patterns in the field or genre of which the book is an example.


The minimum requirements for a review are:

Background comments:

  • Details of the book, genre etc.
  • Brief background on the author(s)
  • Subject and thesis statement of book, or summary of plot if fiction


Critical comments:

  • What contribution does the book make to the field?
  • Is the Bible/Christian perspective handled well (if appropriate)?
  • What is the contribution to Christian perspectives / interactions with Muslim women?
  • What questions raised by the book remain unanswered?


Some things reviewers should avoid:

  • Long quotations
  • References to works / authors not generally known to most readers
  • No spoilers if work of fiction


Short Bio of Reviewer:

Please also include a short bio at the end. A sample is:

Moyra Dale spent over two decades in the Middle East (particularly Egypt, Jordan, and Syria) with her family working in education, specializing in Adult Literacy (Arabic) and teacher training. She is an ethnographer whose research has included exploring adult literacy in Egypt and the women’s mosque movement in Syria through women’s accounts and understanding of their own lives and realities. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, she writes, teaches, trains, and supervises students in Islam and cross-cultural understanding, with a focus on Muslim women. Moyra holds a PhD in Education (La Trobe University) and DTh (Melbourne School of Theology).


Some stylistic guidelines:
  • 12-point Times New Roman in text (double spaced) & 10-point in footnotes (single spaced)
  • 1 inch margins all the way around
  • Align text left margin (do not justify)
  • Bold, align left margin, section titles (do not resort to second level subsection titles if at all possible)
  • First page: bold, center title; double space; bold, center you name; double space; being text (no need to insert “Introduction” for the first section)
  • Full footnotes (do not use reference list) first reference, following Turabian ( or CMS (, and author & short title for subsequent references; no need for bibliography or reference list at end



Your review will be edited by Kara Martin and submitted to site editors: Moyra Dale and Cathy Hine.



There is a sample review on the site. This will give you a feel for the writing style.