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Book Review

  • Identity Crisis: women believers from Muslim backgrounds

    Title:   Identity Crisis: Standing Between Two Identities of Women Believers from Muslim Backgrounds in Jordan Author:           Sarah Yoon Publisher,…

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  • Shifting Allegiances

    Title        Shifting Allegiances – Networks of Kinship and of Faith Author  Moyra Dale Publisher              WIPF and STOCK, 2016 Reviewed by…

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  • Scars Across Humanity

      Title of Book: Scars Across Humanity, Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women Author: Elaine Storkey Publisher/Year: SPCK, 2015 Review…

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  • Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here

    Title of Book Being Reviewed:      Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here By Author:                                          Karima Bennoune Publisher, Year:                                W.W. Norton and…

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  • Thinking biblically about Islam

    Title of Book Being Reviewed: Thinking Biblically about Islam: Genesis, Transfiguration, Transformation By: Ida Glaser and Hannah Kay Publisher, Year:…

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