Hearing the voice of the other

In her essay, ‘Can the Subaltern Speak’, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak argues that interventions under colonial rule, such as the abolition of the Hindu rite of sati, is a case of…

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Women’s Credit Associations: Savings and Social Benefits

As I sat in women’s literacy classes in Egypt, I would watch as the women put in money, small amounts which were carefully noted down against their name: and then…

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Lament: giving expression to God’s nearness

The release by Boko Haram, in May this year, of some of the young girls it had kidnapped was a dark reminder of the suffering they had endured. A clip…

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Lessons from the long-expected joy of sharing Jesus stories with Muslim women

The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng. Psalm 68:11 For eight years I have read about, thought of, prayed for and worked…

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The Hospitality of God in the context of faith conversations: the Prophets Stories

"We must go on being profoundly and deeply hospitable...we mustn't turn against people because of their faith…” Justin Welby, Arch Bishop of Canterbury, following a third terrorist attack in the…

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Women’s Shame – 3

The previous two posts discussed shame ascribed to women, and embodied in women’s bodies. Jesus’ interaction with women who carried socially ascribed shame enabled their public vindication. Jesus took on…

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Women’s Shame – 2

In the last post we discussed how shame (and blame) is often ascribed more to women, including in situations of crisis or violence. Rather than avoidance or even private counselling,…

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Women’s Shame – 1

It has been good to see further discussion in western journals and books on the subject of shame and honour in the past few years. We welcome the recognition of…

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The Presence of God

‘God is near us, God is in our heart’. This has been the surprising discovery of some of us as we seek to understand how our Muslim women friends experience…

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Reconciliation, restitution and community in honour-shame

I remember it well. A particular work situation in the Middle East had not ended well. As time and distance did their job of healing and reflective learning, there seemed…

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