Feminism, Muslimahs and Christians: (Where) Do They Meet?

‘Feminism’. It’s not a neutral word! Women may embrace it, whisper it or repudiate it. During the past century or more, its meaning has shifted. And over the four different…

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The Importance of Family – Redemptive Analogies

What would you say if you were asked for your definition of ‘family?’ How wide would it go, and who would be included? “Blood can never turn to water,” says…

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Purity – God’s picture of redemption in Jesus Messiah

As I was visiting my Muslim friend in hospital, I noticed the Qur’an on her bedside table, and asked if she was reading from it. She shook her head: “I…

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Women’s International Day May 8th 2017: this year the slogan encourages us to “Be Bold For Change”!  And as we look round, we are encouraged by significant advances. Globally in…

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Hospitality – a Redemptive Analogy

A few months ago Cathy wrote about hospitality on this blog (

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How do Muslim women do theodicy?

How do Muslim women do theodicy? How do they make sense out of suffering? And where is God when they suffer? I’ve recently had the chance to explore this and…

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Women, the seventh face of Islam?

I am indebted to the work of Dr John Azumah, who helps us recognise the diversity that there is in Islam. Through what he calls the ‘five faces of Islam’,…

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The Status of Muslim Women and the Gospel

Some have described the plight and status of women today, and particularly in countries where they live under Islam, using words like gendercide, femicide, gender apartheid, a pandemic, war on…

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Loving my neighbour: hospitality

I shall never forget breaking the fast with my landlord’s family in the Middle East. The hospitality was generous, extravagantly generous. The table was groaning under an array of food…

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Women, Suffering, and the Messiah’s birth

A few weeks ago I was with a Syrian family who had migrated to the west, an older woman with her daughter and son-in-law, and their small children. Like most…

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