How much do I really love my neighbour?

Muslims have been my friends for many years now and I have loved living and working with them for more than 30 years. I have not always understood and I…

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In their own words: revealing their hearts

Before I had ever met any Muslims, I knew one particular thing about them: they do not have a personal relationship with God. I had read books, I talked to…

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Breaching the Divide of Islam: Muslim Women at the Margins

What do Muslim women who advocate for a radical reinterpretation of Islam, Muslim women of the piety movement, and Muslim women activists for social change have in common? They invite…

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Contextualising Christian Faith in Encounters with Muslim Women

Miriam Adeney, in the preface to her book ‘Daughters of Islam’ asserts “… strategy decisions that affect women are made in ignorance” because while most Christians and mission leaders value…

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Women Leaders in Islam

Raise the question of women leaders in Islam and people might mention Ayesha, or Hafsa bint Umar, Khadija, or Zainab. These early women from the time of the Prophet Muhammad…

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“Islam is not good for women.”

“Islam here is not good for women.” Twice on the same day, two Central Asian women leaned over the table and whispered this same conspiratorial statement. They noted the honor…

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Community Spaces

I sketched out a fantasy space: a large open courtyard for theatre, dance, spoken word and improv performances, readings, talks, and film screenings. All around the courtyard would be smaller…

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Confronting our prejudices

Her name is Zainab, or Miriam or Amal. Her name alone conjures up images, feelings and reactions in us. We assume she is Muslim. Does our mind race to the…

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Religious Clothing?

Why do we focus comments and contests on the religious clothing that women wear, particularly the veil, but make no comment on that of men, such as the Sikh turban…

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The Woman Who Changed Her Community

Amina was married at 13 to her cousin who was in his 30’s and had not yet been married. Ali’s parents were cousins who had married, as had happened in…

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