Confronting our prejudices

Her name is Zainab, or Miriam or Amal. Her name alone conjures up images, feelings and reactions in us. We assume she is Muslim. Does our mind race to the…

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Religious Clothing?

Why do we focus comments and contests on the religious clothing that women wear, particularly the veil, but make no comment on that of men, such as the Sikh turban…

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The Woman Who Changed Her Community

Amina was married at 13 to her cousin who was in his 30’s and had not yet been married. Ali’s parents were cousins who had married, as had happened in…

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Two Sons of Two Mothers: Ishmael & Isaac (& Whose Sacrifice?)

The Bible and the Qur’an continue with the story of the sons of Hagar and Sarah, who became the ancestors of the respective faith communities. Bible In the Bible, Ishmael’s…

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Sarah: Foremother of Faith

Sarah stands at the tent entrance in Judeo-Christian and Muslim scripture. She is not centre stage, but we know her presence - we can hear her and see her, as…

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The woman who saw God

In this post, I explore the story of Hagar, a woman who responded to God. A slave, a concubine, an abused and then abandoned woman, she not only became the…

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God and us

How we understand God profoundly shapes how we understand ourselves and one another - as women and men, and as Christians and Muslims. Both Christians and Muslims believe in God…

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Policing Morality

A number of nations where Islam is dominant have ‘morality’ police. Iran has the Gasht-e-Ershad, whose focus has been on ensuring that women wear the hijab properly. This force will…

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Love is the best option

Christians and Muslims in America have an image problem. The rest of the world sees us as intolerant, belligerent, prideful, nationalistic, and extremist. As the daughter of Christian and Muslim…

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Religious Texts and Domestic Violence

Black and white bible, black and blue wife: my story of finding hope after domestic abuse - the book I’ve been reading has a confronting title! Even more confronting is…

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