Encounter with Folk Islam (Part 1)

(This post comes from the writings of Vivienne Stacey. Vivienne was a pioneer thinker, researcher and writer who spent many years working in Pakistan and was a mentor to many…

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Shame washed in unconditional love

Noise! Dust! Shouting! Pushing! And into the middle of the crowd a dishevelled woman is pushed, falling to the ground. And then it starts. The accusations. Adulteress! Shame! Whore! Fists…

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Subverting shame through servanthood

When I worked in hierarchically-structured shame and honour cultures in Asia and the Middle East, I thought I understood what it meant to emulate my master Jesus in serving, or…

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The Kingdom of God in our midst

What is the evidence we see that the Kingdom of God is coming among our Muslim sisters? When John was in prison he sent his disciples to ask Jesus if…

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Ramadan has come and gone for another year. Gone are the long daylight hours without food or drink, the clogged traffic as everyone rushes for home before the evening break-fast,…

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Celebrating the life of Evelyne Reisacher

The first time I met Evelyne, was on a boat as part of some meetings we both were at. With her good friend and ministry companion Farida Said, we talked…

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Meanings of Shame

Much has been written about the concepts of ‘shame’ and ‘honour’, and how they are manifest in different cultural contexts. As Westerners reading and writing in English, it is, however,…

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What do people do when they pray?

What does it mean to pray? How do you pray? How would you describe Christian prayer? I have heard western Christians describe Christian prayer as spontaneous, in contrast to set…

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Mosque Massacre: Responses and Women’s Roles.

On 15th March, two mass shootings were carried out in mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand – the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre. It is the deadliest mass…

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Grieving with those who grieve

In the hours and days after the horror in Christchurch, I contacted several Muslim friends here in Sydney. I wanted to know how they were feeling and I wanted them…

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