Rites of healing

I have been moved reading the article Figure 1. Tradition would dictate that these women, now impure and therefore a threat to the purity of the community (many carried babies…

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1920 1727 When Women Speak

When Women Speak, a poem for two voices

When women speak ....                           When women speak ... Who's listening? Who hears? What do you hear? Do…

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Jesus Talking to a Woman

As women we are grounded in time and space, in our families, in our communities with their histories, and in the daily needs of food and drink and rest for…

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Community: the challenges and opportunities of relational connectivity

“…One never is just a single person. One always is already a set of relationships, multiple intersections of connectivity. It is the relationships that position a person for access, rights,…

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The Floating People – for the Rohingya People

This poem was written for and read at a vigil for the Rohingya People held in a city in the North of England, October 2018. This Yorkshire city is refuge…

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The Dreaded Question … and how it has become the Most Exciting.

Her eyes go down to the ground, she speaks even more softly. I know its coming. The most common question I am ever asked.  “Can I ask you something personal?…

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Christmas, a time for blessing

Living outside of my own country, Christmas was a mixed time. I loved the lack of commercialisation in the countries where I was living. It gave opportunity for me to…

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The Familiarity of Christmas?

The build-up to Christmas was there on public display inside and outside shopping centres and in individual shops. Lights and decorations. Santas, snowmen, Christmas trees, tinsel. Christmas carols—both traditional religious…

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The Church in change: Liminality and the importance of ritual in welcoming new believers. A local church response.  

Church communities in the west are currently experiencing the joy and challenge of welcoming, discipling and baptising refugee new believers from a range of Muslim-majority countries. Much of this work…

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Community Rituals

It was about 1pm, the time for Friday prayer, on Friday 18th March, 2005. The Muslim community lined up in orderly rows, following the leader in standing, bowing, prostrating, as…

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