Choose to challenge

It is 8th March as I write this post, that means it is International Women’s Day. The theme of this year’s IWD is ‘Choose to Challenge’, encouraging all to celebrate…

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Hospitality among the diaspora

Continuing to explore hospitality, we ask what form it takes among the diaspora? Receiving hospitality I’m visiting my Lebanese friend Mariam at 3 in the afternoon. ‘Do you want something…

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Discipling Women

What might discipling women look like? Here are some suggestions, interpretively culled from a recent When Women Speak… webinar with Evelyn Hibbert.  You will find more excellent material in Evelyn…

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What do people do when they pray?

What does it mean to pray? How do you pray? How would you describe Christian prayer? I have heard western Christians describe Christian prayer as spontaneous, in contrast to set…

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The Floating People – for the Rohingya People

This poem was written for and read at a vigil for the Rohingya People held in a city in the North of England, October 2018. This Yorkshire city is refuge…

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Life Transitions & Rites of Passage

The room was full of women, with men also joining in on the edge of all the activity. In the centre the new baby, just a week old, was carefully…

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Maryam, Ruth & Esther: Naming sections of the Qur’an & Bible

The last blog post offered an overview of women mentioned in the Qur’an and in the Bible. In this blog we focus more on the three women who give their…

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