Hospitality: Being a good guest

Hospitality: Being a good guest

On one occasion I was visiting the family of one of the girls from the college hostels where I worked. They were a well-off family who owned their own hospital and were generous in their hospitality. The mother, a highly respected gynaecologist, took me shopping for cloth, and then we went to their tailor. I left that visit with a whole new wardrobe, embarrassed at generosity that I could never repay.

This family lived in a city where my company held their annual conference. According to my company I should stay at the conference centre with all my colleagues. According to this family I would stay with them, and they would make available their son to ensure I was at the conference centre for the meetings and brought safely home. The leadership of my company was not overly pleased with the arrangements, but then there were also the obligations of being a guest with this family.

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