Jesus Victory

Jesus Victory

In Saudi Arabia I was once the guest for dinner of a Christian Pakistani couple and their two small children. They had lived in Riyadh, the capital, for several years and had all kept fit and well. A few months previously they had moved to their present house and had all been sick off and on. The little girl was especially unwell. My host and hostess asked me what I thought about the situation. I replied that the sickness could be due to natural causes like a contaminated water supply or that it might have a satanic origin due to evil powers inhabiting the house. At this one of the other guests laughed and I knew that I could not proceed to explain more. I promised to pray for the family. I shared the problem with the couple with whom I was staying and we specifically prayed for healing and for the Lord’s victory. Unexpectedly I visited the home the next day. The scoffer was not present. The little girl was still ill. I suggested to the parents and the three other visitors that we should join together as a team and pray for cleansing in each room of the house. Accordingly we went from room to room and prayed for the casting out of evil and for cleansing through the blood of Christ. We then praised God and prayed for those who used the particular room and for its special uses. In the kitchen we prayed for the one who cooked, for those who ate the food etc.

A Muslim neighbor visited this home a few hours after this service of exorcism. She exclaimed in astonishment: “your little girl is now well and your home has a different atmosphere. What has happened?” The lady of the house told her of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ and how a group of believers had prayed and that all evil had been expelled. This proved an effective way to share with her the good news of Jesus Christ’s victory over sin and evil.

(Excerpt from Christ Supreme Over Satan by Vivienne Stacey)


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