Practices that can oppress

Practices that can oppress

One day I had a sore arm, and everyone suggested massage, so I went for a walk according to the directions given and ended up in someone’s lounge room along with other people waiting for the ‘clever man’ to help them. I waited a long time. While waiting, the other patients were talking about their ailments. Unlucky in love, lost something, neighbours wishing them evil. This wasn’t what I was expecting at all. And I noticed the ‘clever man’ on the other side of the room, doing something over a glass of water. There was a little massage going on, but not much. I began to feel less and less comfortable, and finally oppressed by it all. Looking back, I would say I became aware of an evil power in the room. I finally jumped up and blurted out, ‘sorry, I’ve decided I don’t need the help offered here after all’ and rushed out the door into the street. I felt sullied by the experience. I spent time later that day confessing to God about getting close to meddling with evil powers. And finally, I felt the oppression lift.

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