Praying the Lord’s Prayer

Praying the Lord’s Prayer

I heard a beautiful story centred around the power of reciting God’s words. A Muslim girl in our city was sent a text message by an ex-boyfriend, who was a Christian and who now lived in a different location. In it he challenged her to finish her evening prayers with the Lord’s prayer. He wrote it out for her in the text message.

So that evening she did exactly this – after her own evening prayers she recited the Lord’s prayer, word for word. And that night God gave her a dream of Jesus. She did the same thing the next evening, and had another dream of Jesus. The third evening she didn’t bother with her own prayers and just recited the Lord’s prayer. And God gave her a dream telling her where to go to get baptised. She did this and is now a strong follower of Christ despite facing serious opposition.

God’s word is powerful, and I don’t think we should be afraid to write it down and give it to people to speak or pray out loud

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