Protecting the young

Protecting the young

Fatima who continually worried about her newborn son being kept safe and healthy placed scissors next to him whenever he was sleeping. “Why do you do that, Fatima?” I asked. “I don’t know. It’s just what we do in our culture,” she responded. “But why scissors?” I pressed. “It has to be something metal,” she replied. Fatima was convinced that something metal beside her baby would ward off the jinn. Nothing else was powerful enough. Jinn, she told me, could not penetrate through metal. She told me of other protective measures like placing the hand over the baby’s mouth whenever the baby yawned. Without the covering of mom’s hand over the open mouth it gave opportunity for jinn to enter. “Sometimes new mothers smear black paint on their faces to ward off the jinn in my country,” she added. Fatima’s husband who is a university professor tried to speak some scientific logic to his wife who was new in my country but to no avail. They wanted me to pray a blessing over their baby. Before praying I removed the scissors but did not dispose of them and explained that Jesus Christ, not the scissors, has the power over all jinn and could truly protect their baby from harm because He loves baby Ahmed. It was Fatima’s first introduction to Jesus Christ.

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