Pure religion?

Pure religion?

Before arriving in this country, I thought that I would be immersed in a “pure” form of Islam – this is, after all, the land of those who protect pure religion. However, it didn’t take me long to realise that folk Islam was everywhere. People would get an amulet from a mullah to heal an illness, incense would be burnt to cleanse a place, amulets are hung in almost every taxi, etc…

In speaking with my friends, they said that these practices are not in accordance with the teachings of Islam, however each of them have engaged in these practices. One of them said that she won’t say that she believes in this because it is a sin to dabble in these practices, but she has seen the accuracy of fortune tellers and the efficacy of these practices. She said that what drives people to these practices is their need for a solution to their problems, she said that the mullahs at the mosque only teach you the Quran.

I wonder what place the teachings of the Quran have in addressing people’s day to day felt needs?

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