Reasons to gather

Reasons to gather

The women’s gatherings that I have been a part of have usually been ones of celebration; weddings, birthdays, engagements. I have also attended funerals where the mourning was interspersed with the reading of the Quran. Many of these women’s gatherings are held so that there is a reason for women to get together and visit with their friends/extended family. Many of the women in the city that I am in are still house bound and celebrations or gatherings are a way for them to be able to leave the house and have some fun.

Fun is a needed commodity. Two years ago we put on a community fun day at a local park where we had face painting/cakes/samosas/a café and a prayer tent and just an opportunity for the community to mingle. It was a great afternoon and one of my Somali friends expressed her delight : ” We need more fun!”

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