Sharing our stories

Sharing our stories

It all started with my involvement in a cooking group which is part of the offer from our local church community centre situated in the multi faith area of the city in which we have made our home in the UK The local school is next door so it’s a great place for mums to meet up and to engage in a variety of activities at the centre. We liked being together, we had a lot of fun together. We were also starting to ask questions of and about each other.

  • “Do Christians pray, then?”
  • “I didn’t know Muslims knew anything about Jesus!”
  • “What do Christians believe happens after death?” following the news that one of the women’s mother had died.
  • “I have no idea what’s in the Bible/Qur’an.”

I noticed that faith was often spoken of in these contexts but there was lack of time and space for this to be explored together in any depth. I also picked up a recurring theme of anxiety around how women are to bring up their children in faith in today’s secular environment. This resonated with me personally, as a mother myself, and it chimed with a piece I had read about work with women in the Middle East

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