Vivienne: Affably Accurate

Vivienne: Affably Accurate

‘Marmalade or Bible Study, there has always been a certain precision in Vivienne’s approach to what is served up. Though, in saying that, one has to remark that appearance and presentation have never been the central concern; memories of slide shows, in which pictures were back to front (clear from the wording), or upside down (clear from the sky!), or locations forgotten (Oh, you know that picture three back that I thought was Dubai, I have just remembered it was Brighton!) evoke recollections of laughter, but also of how accessible, rather than awesome, Vivienne has always been.

‘Vivienne had a lovely way of sidestepping…fights and accepting the stormy response with a laugh and a smile. She would step back, only to bring up the issue at another time and another way later.’ (Carol Walker)

Anne Cooper describes Vivienne as ‘concerned, unconventional, practical and with a lively sense of humour.’

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