Vivienne: Lost And Found

Vivienne: Lost And Found

‘I was not at peace with myself…Outward morality did not satisfy me. My thoughts and attitudes fell short of my own standards….I had thoughts about many things but had no centre to my thinking…

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, spoke on the raising of Jairus’s daughter… [where they] laughed Jesus to scorn. I had dismissed [Jesus] as not relevant to the modern world I had indeed been so dismissive that I had scorned him. The next speaker talked about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and I realized that if he rose from the dead he is alive now and can be encountered.

A couple of evenings later as I was studying in my father’s office I switched off the light and knelt down. In that instant I had a vision of Jesus. There was light in the room and he was standing ahead of me. I knew that he had died for my sins. His peace flooded my heart. The risen Christ met me in my need. This encounter changed the whole course of my life. I have no regrets, only gratitude to him. Life has been far richer than I ever expected.’

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