Vivienne: ‘On Special Assignment’

Vivienne: ‘On Special Assignment’

‘I developed a fairly strong conviction that I would never marry but I did not rule it out. I never renounced marriage but I never sought it. Now I very much enjoy being single.

I once had a conversation with an Arab student who was on standby for terrorist activities in the Middle East… He asked me what my work was so I told him I was a writer. Naturally he asked what I wrote about so I showed him what I had written that morning for a Bible study on St Paul’s letter to the Romans. We had a short Bible study together after which he said, ‘Do you mind if I ask you a question?’ He asked, ‘Why aren’t you married?’ I said, ‘Before I answer you may I ask you a question?’ ‘Why aren’t you married?’ He replied, ‘I am on special assignment.’ So I said, ‘So am I’. He understood perfectly. Later through the love of God he experienced in that home he became a follower of Jesus and sought a new way of life in yet another country seeking to share the good news about Jesus.’

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