Vivienne: The Mentor

Vivienne: The Mentor

‘The Community Development Team at WCH referred to Vivienne as “teacher” – we were her students – she gave us “homework”. But despite the rather stilted terminology, I believe that this relationship between the team and Vivienne was true mentoring – and Vivienne a great mentor. (Barbara Dyatt)

While she helped many to be reflective and intentional ‘I have never known Vivienne relate to anyone as if they were a project.’ (Carol Walker)

‘Vivienne was the major reason [we chose to work with Interserve]. Her creativity in finding ways to communicate with Muslims, her infectious enthusiasm, her vision to have Pakistani Christians become a major outreach arm of the church in the oil rich states of the Gulf absolutely captivated us. In our search process someone had told us that we should choose a mission based on the people we would want to work with rather than the location or the actual job. We chose to follow that advice… Vivienne casts a long shadow not just within Interserve but also outside the Fellowship.’ (Jim Tebbe)

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