Vivienne: The Practical

Vivienne: The Practical

‘One mission interviewer in the UK had grave doubts about my suitability for work where learning a language was essential. She had taken me to church and realized how unmusical I was. However, I found that if you put your tongue in the right place and controlled the amount of breath used with consonants, the sounds generally came out right.’

‘ Vivienne has tended to prefer using restaurants as a place of hospitality…Nevertheless, many of us have enjoyed the uncomplicated freedom of a refreshing stay at Vivienne’s apartment during the years she lived in Paphos, after her retirement, and probably all who did so have savoured the one speciality she learnt to cook – sword fish…Vivienne…also taught herself to make marmalade, and would banish all others from the kitchen once a year when the ripened oranges were collected, to fulfil her chosen duty.’ (Carol Walker)

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