Vivienne: The Strategic Thinker

Vivienne: The Strategic Thinker

[When I consider Vivienne’s life of service], ‘more than learning about being strategic, I am encouraged to seek to be true to Christ’s call, intentional in investing the gifts and abilities that I have, and patient in trusting in God’s unfolding purposes…As Ramez Atallah commented, “I think she is a true testimony of the fact that ordinary people can do extraordinary things with God’s help.”’ (Carol Walker)

Vivienne had vision for the girls she and other teachers trained at United Bible Training Centre. Some who came to them had only the equivalent of 8th class pass…Yet in them Vivienne saw a potential missionary force for the Gulf. (Jim Tebbe)

‘In some ways I had been very vague or visionary… God led me into many things that were not on my agenda… I took a fresh look at the Bible to see how God had used dispersions of peoples to further his purposes.’

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