Webzine Guidelines

Purpose of Webzine

We seek to make it useful for scholars, and the same time accessible for practitioners.

Contributions could be in the form of:

A scholarly article, of between 5-7 thousand words.

A reflection, of between 2-3 thousand words.

A team of editors will peer-review the contributions for each issue.

Reflections should:

  1. Focus on the theme
  2. Describe a personal experience in relation to the theme or outline a problem in life or ministry the writer is personally challenged by
  3. Reflect on that experience or problem in relation to the their own life or ministry practice
  4. Raise questions relating to their experience or problem about how it could affect missionary practice or Christian life in Muslim contexts (that scholars could seek to address in later issues)
  5. Comment on possible implications for others

Some stylistic guidelines:

     References should be following Turabian or CMS
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