Who We Are

Our Purpose

What – To give attention to the place of women’s voices where Christianity, Islam and missiology meet.

Why – In Muslim culture women have a significant role in preserving and passing on faith to the next generation, yet approaches to mission are often gender-blind.

Who – Christian women scholars and practitioners have a unique ability to speak into this gap but they are surprisingly under-represented in the development of mission and missiologies, in publishing and teaching.


That women who follow Islam are not veiled from the good news of Jesus Messiah, and that the message is communicated effectively to them.


We are women who love and follow Jesus the Messiah. That confession of faith can be expressed in terms of the Cape Town Commitment: For the Lord We Love. The Cape Town Commitment


When Women Speak… exists under the governance of Interserve Australia. Interserve Australia delegates this governance to the When Women Speak… Network steering group which is made up of a member from each of the sponsoring organisations and representative network leaders.

What We Value

And we honour Muslim women as image-bearers of God with us

  • Based on the Trinity: and as a witness to Christ (John 17)
  • With each other, with Christian women of all backgrounds, with Christian men.
  • With Muslim women, finding common cause in hearing each other’s voices authentically, and in working together against common oppressions.
  • Seeking God’s glory
  • Praying that God’s will be done, God’s Kingdom come

Knowing that all of life is inter-related and every part under God’s ambit

Seeking to work and research to the highest standards of integrity.

What We Do

  • Meet, talk, support, collaborate with one another
  • Drawing from and investing back into the WWS… network.
  • On WWS… website: blog, webazine, podcasts.

  • Seek other avenues to publish.

Working together across organisations to share resources and expertise.

  • Our research grows out of and leads back into engagement
  • It Includes academic and ministry practice.
  • Enables a new generation of scholars and practitioners,
  • Across geographic and disciplinary boundaries.

Focused on the questions and needs of women.

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