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NEW Training Course: Women’s I-View

NEW Training Course: Women’s I-View
June 20, 2017 WWS

Introducing a virtual course for women working in Muslim contexts to be taught by Cathy Hine and Moyra Dale.  The course is built around participants completing set readings and field research questions related to their context, and writing a post to be shared with the group.  This material then forms the basis for group interaction in 1 1/2 hour virtual class discussion. There are places for twelve women.

Classroom discussions will be at 9:00 pm Australian EST.  Discussions are three weeks apart, with a break over Christmas to allow adequate time for fieldwork.

New course dates and proposed topics are as follows:

Date Topic
30th August 2017 Introduction to the course and meeting fellow participants
13th September 2017 The nature of God, and the implications for Muslim women
27th September 2017 Life stages and rites of passage
11th October 2017 Purity
25th October 2017 Honour and shame
8th November 2017 Popular Islam
22nd November 2017 Women’s movements (pious and secular)


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  1. Anonymous Participant 1 year ago

    I really appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this course. It gave me the opportunity to be challenged to think and explore more about I-view women’s varied world views and belief systems and encouraged me to want to keep on delving deeper with the women I’m blessed to be relating with. I also appreciated being directed to great articles and websites to engage with as part of the course, along with the opportunity to discuss all I was learning with the other participants from all different countries of service across the Muslim world. I would love to be a part of more courses like this.

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