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Two Women’s I-View Courses To Start 2018

Two Women’s I-View Courses To Start 2018
January 3, 2018 wwsadmin

Introducing a virtual course for women working in Muslim contexts, and among Muslims of the Diaspora, migrant and refugee communities, to be taught by experienced facilitators.  The course is built around participants completing set readings and field research questions related to their context, and writing a post to be shared with the group.  This material then forms the basis for group interaction in 1 1/2 hour virtual class discussion. There are places for twelve women.

Classroom discussions will be at 9:00 pm Australian EST.  Discussions are two weeks apart.

There are two courses running.

For those working in Muslim contexts, in countries where Islam is a dominant religion:

Date Topic
Tuesday 13 February Introduction
Tuesday 27 February Nature of God
Tuesday 13 March Life Stages and Rites of Passage
Tuesday 27 March Purity
Tuesday 10 April Honour and Shame
Tuesday 24 April Popular Islam
Tuesday 8 May Women’s Movements
Tuesday 22 May Wrap up session

(If you can’t do Tuesdays the course will run again from September on a different day of the week.)

For those working among diaspora, migrant and refuge Muslim communities:

Date Topic
Thursday 15 February Introduction
Thursday 1 March Nature of God
Thursday 15 March Life Stages and Rites of Passage
Thursday 29 March Purity
Thursday 12 April Honour and Shame
Tuesday 26 April Popular Islam
Thursday 10 May Women’s Movements
Thursday 24 May Wrap up session


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